epic race day training video

I use these epicRIDES Indoor Cycling Videos in many of my own classes. They offer someone riding indoors the perfect combination of visual information and scenery.

The ride dashboard included with each DVD shows that the folks who produce the epicRIDES series really understand what it takes to teach a structured virtual ride class to a room full of cyclists.
epic ride dashboard

My favorite has to be epicRaceDay – Pensacola Stage Race. This 60 minute video is perfect when you really want to hurt people đŸ˜‰ The second half of the video is a 30 minute crit race, perfect for a conducting an FTP wattage or Threshold Heart Rate field test.

epicRedWing features your’s truly and my Stoker Amy riding the “Bus” (our Trek Tandem) along an awesome route that follows the Mississippi river.

If you’re anything like me you really enjoy long, continuous climbs. epicRIDES as a bunch including:

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