cross bike review of the freemotion s11.0 indoor cycling trainer

Here’s another review of the FreeMotion S11.0 indoor trainer that I feel is the best indoor trainer with power available. And when you figure in the price it becomes a no-brainer which  indoor turbo trainer I recommend.

The S11.0 does not calculate power, it actually measures it with strain gauges attached to the left crank arm, and then transmits the data to the console wirelessly. The good news is the console is ANT+ compatible, so any ANT+ heart rate monitor can be paired with the console and displayed and recorded on a USB. The power meter and cadence are paired with the console so no worries about cross talk if you have a buddy on their trainer next to you. Just a quick refresher on what power is. It is simply work over time (P=W/T), or how much work you can do in a certain amount of time. For a cyclist this is pretty important because we can get tested for our Functional Threshold Power or FTP. FTP is the max amount of work you can do in 1 hour. Another important concept is strength to weight ratio. This is expressed in Watts per Kilogram.

There’s only one place you can find an Indoor Cycle with real measured power, in a well engineered cockpit, that will easily replicate your road bike geometry and that’s the FreeMotion S11.9.

And getting the complete power meter at no charge makes this a phenomenal deal.


FreeMotion S11.0 review.