Not great - but not bad for 50 - or 49 in her case 🙂

As someone who spends endless hours training indoors (does that describe anyone you know?) I find that my motivation and consistency really depends on having a goal, or objective for all the time I spend on my bike.

Over the past 15 years my goals have evolved; first it was as simple as having the fitness to not get dropped during a local coffee ride… then it progressed to finishing near the front of a Cat 5 crit… enter Triathlon and not drowning or embarrassing myself during the run were high on my list of what continued to drive my training.

But now that I’ve “been there & done that” to the level that my genetics and time allowed, I’m left with just one real motivation – vanity.

Not vanity in the “look at me!” arrogance sense, but rather; can I look in the mirror and truly say – there’s a pretty fit looking 50 year old 🙂

OK, feeling comfortable jumping into a beach volleyball game, with a bunch of 20 year old kids, when I’m on vacation in Jamaica isn’t all bad either.

10 years as a group fitness instructor have me thinking I’m not alone. Most of us exercise/workout/train – whatever you call it for the purpose of looking good.

Sure, the competitive stuff is always there and wanting to live a healthful life is important… but looking fit and healthy is very important for me – and I’m going to guess it is for you as well.

This Triathlon coach really understands what motivates people training for a triathlon > they want to look fit, strong, maybe even ripped. Actually this coach is Ben Greenfield. He’s a friend and contributor at

Ben really gets it. If I’m going to do all this work (and I’m really only competing against my PR) then why not look good – no – look ripped as the result of all the hours I’m going to invest training?