Stages Power Meter for SRAM Rival crank arm

This is a bummer. The Stages Cycling single crank arm power meter doesn’t fit my new VeloVie bicycle. I was excited to install their inexpensive power meter and now find I can’t.

I can hear my long passed father using one of his favorite expressions; “sometimes you can be too smart, by half.” He’d use it to describe a decision made, that resulted in an unintended result. In my case, I chose to outfit my new bike with SRAM Red. Red uses Carbon crank arms (I couldn’t help myself with the deal I got), which I’m now learning won’t accept the the Stages power meter – they can only be installed on metal crank arms.

But Stages does list a SRAM Rival replacement crank arm. Unfortunately the bottom bracket VeloVie installed on my new bicycle doesn’t accept this crank arm… so I’m SOL as they say.

Which is really disappointing because I’ve really come to love using the Stages training App on my iPhone. I’ve been training all winter on a FreeMotion S11.0 indoor cycle at home that uses the Stages power meter and at the club where I teach we ride the S11.9 with these power meters as well.

The effectiveness of my power based training worked – I was able to hang with the Life Time Fitness “A” group my first time out!

If you want to see if Stages has a power meter that will fit your bicycle you can review the list here. They’re selling out as quickly as they can build them. If you’re interest I’d suggest adding your name to the wait list.