Pick It Up Large Screen Shot #1

A lot’s been happening at Ride Fit™ over the summer. Ride Fit™ is now offering their comprehensive 43 page indoor cycle training guide (http://www.ride-fit.com/ride-fit-training-guide.html) for FREE on their website, and they have just released a new training title called Pick Me Up! In addition, checkout their ever growing blog with insightful articles on topics such as strength training, dealing with cycling aches and pains, riding technique and nutrition.

Pick It Up! is Ride Fit’s thirteenth indoor cycle training workout and puts the focus on high-cadence, light-resistance tempo riding. This is the first Ride Fit™ title to focus exclusively on these cadences and is designed to encourage users to strive for the higher cadence levels used by the pros.

Available at http://www.ride-fit.com/Shopping/Ride-Fit-Pick-It-Up.html as a downloadable video file it is priced at just $8.99.

Here’s the trailer for Pick It Up!