Winter Training program for cyclists

If you are looking for a structured training program for this winter may I suggest that you look into Cycling Fusion’s 2013 12 week program.

This very comprehensive training program offers live weekend classes online and rebroadcasts during the week.

This winter training program follows Cycling Fusion principles which are designed to provide training to anyone who rides outside (or wishes to do so) with optimal tools available from the indoor environment.

By having control over our environment, we can design and execute very specific training protocols with specific targeted results.

By employing heart monitors, cadence counters, power meters, videos, metabolic testing equipment, and training software, we will be able to keep track of our progress, motivate our students, and bring the overall understanding of our own bodies and how to train them to a whole new level.

Here’s a typical training session.

Week 1: What to Expect & Heart Zones®
Class Room Work: The Science of Training, Heart Zones® Foundations
On-Bike Work: 60 min. Heart Zones®; A 5 Zone Tour
Yoga & Pilates: Breath Work, Body Awareness, & Yoga Foundations

8:00 – 9:00 Class room Instructor: Gene Nacey. founder of Cycling Fusion & Global Ride
Review Syllabus, Be True To Thyself, The Science of Training,
Logging All Workouts in Ride Journal, Stress & Adaptation, Key Heart Zones Principals.

9:15 – 10:15 Cycling Rm Instructor: Gene Nacey leads. We will spend time in each Heart
Zone, learning and experiencing each one in different durations and
positions on the bike. Cycling Workout Name: “Tour de Heart Zones®”

10:30 – 11:30 Yoga Rm Instructor: Lindsay Peters, Certified in multipe yoga styles
This week we start out with Yoga Foundations

Week 2: Training Load & Power Training Foundations

Week 3: Limiters & The Unique Advantages of Indoor Training

Week 4: Sports Nutrition Building Blocks

Week 5: Periodization & More About Heart Rate Training

Week 6: The Science of Training; Physical & Mental

Week 7: It’s All About Power & The Concept of Efficiency

Week 8: Pre Thru Post Ride/Race Nutrition

Week 9: Race Day – Putting HR & Power Together

Week 10: Specialization Training

Week 11: Improving Power & Cross Training

Week 12: Recovery & Over-Training
Class Room Work: Importance of Recovery, Identifying Over-Training, Resolving an Overtrained State
On-Bike Work: 120 min. 2 by 20 Sustainable Power & Heart Rate Recovery intervals
Yoga & Pilates: Alignment – How To Keep The Improvements Coming

Full descriptions, FAQ and registration info here.