ElliptiGO Training Video DVD World Championship
Recently, Ride Fit and ElliptiGO announced the launch of the World’s first outdoor live action elliptical training video.  So I’m sure you’re wondering why am I mentioning that here!  Well, in addition to being an elliptical training video, it’s also a great indoor cycle training workout.  Not only that but it’s a real sweat fest featuring a low tempo, high resistance workout set to a backdrop of the ElliptiGO World Championships.  From the comfort of your own living room, man cave, etc. you can race legendary Olympians Adam Goucher and Mary Decker Slaney and keep pace with the lead pack as they battle to win the ElliptiGO Founders’ Cup and become World Champion. The grueling 11.7 mile climb up Palomar Mountain provides an engaging backdrop for your ride as you ascend 4,209 feet in just over 70 minutes.
So what’s ElliptiGO all about?  The ElliptiGO bike was designed out of necessity. In 2005, one of the co-founders lost the ability to run because of hip and knee injuries. As a former cyclist and Ironman triathlete, he seriously considered returning to cycling to stay fit. However, he had always found the bicycle saddle and riding position to be really uncomfortable and cycling workouts to require too much time. As a result, he started using the indoor elliptical trainer. Although he liked the exercise, he hated being in a gym all the time. To solve this problem, he decided to buy a low-impact running device he could ride on the street.
What he didn’t realize was that there was no such device at the time. He and a friend sat down over coffee one day and sketched out a concept drawing on a newspaper, and shook hands. A partnership was born. Now, I’m going to cut a long story short at this point. If you’re interested in reading more click here. Jump on five years, hours and hours of effort, sleepless nights and the countless support of family and friends and in late February 2010, ElliptiGO delivered its first product to a customer in San Diego. They’re now delivering ElliptiGOs through retailers across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and throughout Europe.
The ElliptiGO’s first target audience was runners. For injured and former runners, the ElliptiGO enables them to enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of running outdoors, even if they can’t run. Propelled by long, running-like strides, the ElliptiGO provides a low-impact, outdoor exercise experience that feels like running. Dozens of elite runners who used the ElliptiGO while recovering from severe injuries were able to successfully return to competitive running. At this year’s ElliptiGO World Championships, Mary Decker Slaney (3-time Olympian, who set 17 World Records and 36 US Records in running and finished second in the women’s race), was elated to be competing again. “My favorite part of the race was the starting line because it was the first time since 1996 that I had the opportunity to start in an event of any kind. I hope this sport takes off big time because it’s so fun and gives people with injuries like myself the opportunity to pursue another sport and be competitive again. Now I know what to train for and I’m excited to compete next year.”
For the healthy runner, the ElliptiGO helps you get faster and stay healthy. As a low-impact training device, it allows you to get in the training miles you need without beating up your body. Whether you’re looking to finish a 5K or set a marathon PR, the ElliptiGO is the perfect cross-trainer to incorporate into your running program.
For cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, researchers from EPARC at the University of California, San Diego who compared the ElliptiGO to running and riding a conventional bicycle found that riding an ElliptiGO burns 33% more calories than cycling at the same speed, and has physiological benefits comparable to running. “Fun” is the number one word ElliptiGO customers use to describe this incredible elliptical bike. The ElliptiGO is a year-round workout solution. When it’s nice out, it will take you wherever you want to go. When it’s dark or nasty out, use it indoors like an elliptical trainer.
What I think is really great about the ElliptiGO is that it can be ridden by all. A couple of inspiring rides undertaken by older ElliptiGO riders include the 63 year old who covered 235 miles in one day to break the Elliptical Cycling world record, and the 71 year old former Marine who completed a coast-to-coast ElliptiGO ride raising more than $11,000 for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. Then consider that nine athletes at the 2012 Olympic Trials incorporated the ElliptiGO into their training, with three making the US Olympic Team. I think you have to agree this is a training machine suitable for anyone and that deserves serious attention.
The ElliptiGO is available in three models. The 11R model has eleven speeds, the 8C model has 8 speeds, and the 3C model has 3 speeds, all contained in the rear hub. For more information about these great products click here.
A perfect gift for fitness lovers this holiday season this intense training video by Ride Fit features a who’s who of elite athletes and is available by download for $11.99 MSRP or on DVD for $21.99 MSRP at http://www.ride-fit.com.   As a download, played on an ipad, tablet or smart phone, use this video anywhere you need it – at home, in the fitness center or at the hotel gym if you’re traveling for vacation or business.