Epic Planet Indoor Cycling DVD Video

On-screen profile guides you to the top

Epic Colorado – Mt. Evans is a classic Epic Planet Indoor Cycling DVD/Video…phenomenal scenery combined with a long climb. Perfect for any turbo trainer session or Indoor Cycling class.


  • The riders in the video must be near Super Human to maintain their smiles, while climbing at 14,000 feet!
  • Long climbs are my favorite – and this is one long climb 🙂
  • The “Just the ride” option offers four different options: The full climb of 125 minutes, two 60 minute versions + one 45 minute short effort for when time is short – take me to awesome, and now!
  • One screen profile keeps you on track.

Cons: The video is a tiny bit shaky, compared to previous Epic Planet videos. So I called the Producer Allen Jones and asked why? His explanation was that the road up Mt. Evans was very bumpy, which set up some harmonics in his video gear. He explained that he tried his best to remove as much of the shaking as possible. Will you or our your class notice or care? Probably not. I just felt it was important to mention it in this review.

If you are looking for a video that translates riding at altitude, then click the following link to purchase your DVD or digital download of Epic Colorado – Mt. Evans Indoor Cycling DVD or Video Download.