epicRaceDay Pensacola Stage Race is the best Indoor Cycling video to date. Period.

Here’s the part you’ll be the most excited about if you have ever participated in a bicycle race.

This video includes the sound track of the actual event that you can play along with your favorite music 🙂

Producer Allen Jones had sent me a rough cut version of Pensacola Stage Race earlier this Summer asking for input. I was instantly transported back to my days racing local criteriums, by the on-bike footage showing the riders jostling for position, over-taking, the steep angle of cornering, all of the scary things for you to run into on each lap and even a few crashes.But what really did it for me were the sounds of the race; shifting gears, the buzz of a coasting freewheel, communication between the racers, shouts of encouragement from the crowds and most importantly the ringing of the bell – signalling one lap to go!!!!! Fantastic!

Here’s the trailer and you can order Pensacola Stage Race as either a DVD or Digital Download – now in 720p HD and only $19.95. Both include the SFX only sound track.