Endurance Films is set to release the eighth edition of the RIDES series of indoor cycling videos, RIDES Florida – Paradise Road on December 12. RIDES Florida joins a continually expanding series of indoor cycling must-haves that includes RIDES Texas, Hill Country, Southern California, North Carolina, Las Vegas, The Rockies, and New York.

RIDES Florida was filmed on Santa Rosa Island in Pensacola Beach, Florida and features top athletes from Multisport Performance Institute. The beauty of the National Park Service’s Gulf Island National Seashore is a perfect backdrop, particularly for riders from northern climates who are looking for some warm-weather beachfront inspiration.

As with all of the videos in the RIDES series, RIDES Florida is a structured workout with high and low cadence intervals, hard sprints and big gear pushes, guiding the rider with a video dashboard overlay that includes an interval countdown clock, perceived exertion, heart rate zone, and cadence. This workout will having cyclists sweating and burning as they build strength and endurance.

RIDES Florida could be the perfect gift for any cyclist on your Christmas list.