FitViewer - Tour de France
I just received some sample DVDs from TeleAnimation the company in Germany that produces FitViewer Indoor Cycling training videos. Fantastic!

Now I can take my class on some of the famous Tour de France climbs like; Alpe d’HuezCol d´IzoardCol de la Madeleine, Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier and many others.

FitViewer’s DVD selection of 83 videos includes:

These are very “pure” HD videos – no riders (except for those randomly passed), no metrics (profiles or other training information) and no music. > you would use your own anyways 🙂

You receive good value with many of these videos running 90 minutes to two hours – Alpe d’Huez is just under 3 hours at 175 minutes!

Here’s a sample from Alpe d’Huez.

With the road clear of spectators, you’ll be amazed at how narrow, steep and scary climbing Alpe d’Huez really is. Sure to get your and your Indoor Cycling student’s heart rate elevated!

These ship from Germany so allow for a couple of weeks for deliver – they’re planning to have North America distribution soon – and much of the site is in German and the pricing is in Euros – PayPal or your CC company will convert to dollars, so no worries. When you check out you have the option to select the format of the DVD – If you’re in North America choose NTSC – PAL if you are in Europe.